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The times, they are a changing - like never before. The pace and scale of change we see today is relentless. The opportunities have never been more tantalising, nor the challenges more unnerving.

It has never been more important to draw on the experience of your peers to help you overcome complex challenges and harness the full value of your business. There simply isn’t the time to reinvent the wheel for every new problem, especially when the solution might be just a conversation away.

Brooke recognises that there are core challenges affecting all business leaders. Each of us are grappling with ever-increasing complexity, how to build the right competencies in our people, and managing how much to control and how much to let go.

With your help, we are seeking to explore these challenges and tap into the wisdom of your business community.


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The Business Leaders Forum is an invitation only peer to peer community of senior leaders passionate about sharing their thinking on how to do business in an uncertain business world.

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The future belongs to leaders who tap into the wisdom of the collective.



Join us for a peer to peer conversation on the key challenges facing every business leader.


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  • Tap into the collective wisdom around the table to bring a new perspective to the challenges you are currently experiencing
  • Save time and resource by learning what worked and what didn’t work for others and what to do differently
  • Small group numbers enable deeper conversations around the challenges you bring to the table
  • Discover opportunities for cross business collaboration

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Session Formats

Roundtables are limited to 10 attendees to ensure valuable interaction. Each attendee puts forward a key challenge that they would like to discuss. The session is then facilitated by Brooke consultants to ensure each attendee is heard and practical outcomes captured and shared. Chatham House rules apply.




Identifying the full scale of the complexity of a project or problem, and accompanying risks, is vital. The assessment of complexity includes both inherent complexity, for example the challenges involved in manufacturing a product, or delivering a service; and contextual complexity, the factors bought to bear by the environment in which the project or problem is occurring.


5:00pm - 7:30pm
Sydney May 2
Melbourne May 9
Canberra May 16



This dimension addresses issues that arise when systems or solutions are created and deployed without enough attention paid to the jobs, skills and competencies needed to effect change. People are more complex than the most complex of complex problems. You need to identify the right people to be involved, and ensure all stakeholders join you on the journey.


5:00pm - 7:30pm
Sydney July 4
Melbourne August 8
Canberra June 5



Institutions typically dictate controls on employees from the top-down, leaving little elbow room to deal with changing environments and unforeseen opportunities. To achieve unbridled success in projects and problem solving it is important to ensure that where controls are required, they are outcome-focused. People need to retain decision making rights, and be empowered to make the best possible decisions as circumstances change.

5:00pm - 7:30pm
Sydney  July 25
Melbourne August 29
Canberra June 19


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